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Atlantic Fire Leadership

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect community, life, property, and the environment through the delivery of efficient and effective fire and life-safety services. We accomplished this mission through teamwork, innovation, education, preparedness, prevention, and emergency incident mitigation.


Mark McNees


1st Asst Chief: 

Tim Cappel


2nd Asst Chief:

Wayne Brosam


Truck Captains:

John Johnson

Gene Schmeling

Bob Reynolds



Russell Peck 

Rich Smith

Doug Sanbothe

Marty Petersen

Tom Cappel



Jeremiah Thompson

Chad Fisher

Trent Cappel

Jeremy Sandbothe


Fire Prevention Officer:

Dustin McLaren


Safety Officer:

Chris Towne

Shawn Page


Rescue Captain:

John Johnson


Training Officer:

Wayne Brosam

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