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Thanks for risking you lifes to protect us and our families, the debt we owe you is to great to ever be repaid.

Michael Kelly
One Eye Studios
Atlantic, IA

Love the website, gentlemen! Thanks for all that you do for the community. You guys are the best VFD around!

Mary McDermott-Jackson
IWCC, Atlantic

Excellent web-site. I was born in Atlantic 1962 but left years ago 1970. Come back periodically to visit. Still have extended family in Marne & Clarinda. Be safe and if anyone knows Big-E, tell her I said hey.

Rick Fudge
Lake Mary Fire Department
Lake Mary Florida

I am a fire buff and started collicting fire patches shortly
after 9/11 have four from the uk
and many from out state
I would like to add yours to
my office wall I try to get at
least one from each state
then try to fill in the others
I am a janitor for the company
listed above. thay even let
me monitor my scanner while I
work I am a former member of
the salvasion army that is where I got the Idea to collict the
patches thank you for your time
if you do not send patches
to people email me and I will
take you off the list

donald erickson
brookland park honda
6801 brooklin park mn
612 521 2241

Unfortunately the ability to sign the guestbook has been disabled due to the fact that some people from all around the world are posting stuff for sale on here, where it does not belong.

We have tried to keep it under control, but they just ten times more after we delete it.

Thanks for visiting the website, if you have any questions or concerns please contact the AVFD via phone or email.

Thanks again for using this site.

Michael Kelly
One Eye Studios
Atlantic, IA

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